An Ocean of Solutions

Marine Design and Engineering

Who we are

3D-Sea is a marine engineering company specialized in the design, construction, installation, operation, maintenance and
repair of the main propulsion engines, auxiliary machinery and systems found in all kinds of ships, boats and offshore installations.

Our values

We are aware that marine projects during the design process present uncertainties that often lead to delays and unexpected problems. Therefore, we are always ready to offer the client the best possible solution to meet deadlines and quality standards. We are able to do it by adapting our production capacity to the clients’ needs and by leveling up our know-how to new challenges.

One big source of waste of resources is delivering products of low quality, or that don’t even comply with client’s quality standards and deadlines. This leads to extra time needed by the client to check the delivered products, to unnecessary disputes and to the need to re-deliver a better designed product. For this reason, our processes are optimized and our deliverables are checked continuously to ensure compliance with agreed deliveries and the highest quality in the offered service.

Another source for wasted resources lies in poor communication with the client. We set big importance in having clear objectives and expectations, accurate capacity planning, and continuous communication and feedback.

Given the sensitivity of our activity, we hold our clients’ privacy to the highest standards. We fully understand the importance of keeping Project Data safe and regardless of the type of Project, our team handles it with maximum discretion.

Our Services

The services are developed by a range of experienced professionals using high end design methodologies
and advanced 3D modeling tools to support both Shipowners and Shipyards.

The offered services are:

  • Assessment of operational requirements
  • Design constraints and environmental criteria
  • Regulatory framework and Classification Society compliance
  • Preliminary concepts
  • Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) and Concept screening
  • Preliminary 3D models and Arrangements
  • Functional design and calculations
  • Master List of Equipment’s
  • Build and assembly plan
  • Temporary phases and transportation studies
  • Installation plan
  • QA, Testing and outline of commissioning program
  • Project coordination
  • P&ID and related design calculations
  • Selection of Machinery, equipment and material specifications
  • Support in Purchase, Coordination and Installation
  • Preliminary 3D models of Technical Spaces
  • 2D drawings Arrangement of Technical Spaces
  • Evacuation routes, service spaces and Emergency exits
  • Equipment’s
  • Piping
  • HVAC
  • Cable trays
  • Arrangement drawings
  • Production information

Our Team

3D-Sea is based in Lisbon, where the team develops projects on an international level. We are a multicultural team with diverse backgrounds and experiences. In our team we have naval architects and designers with expertise in the design of a wide variety of vessels.

3D-Sea was born from the joint vision and effort of the three founders,
whose goal is to provide competitive and high quality services for customers worldwide.


Picture of Federico Sisci Technical Manager at 3D-Sea

Federico Sisci

Naval Architect

General Manager

Picture of Luís Batista Business Development Manager at 3D-Sea

Luís Batista

Naval Architect

Business Development Manager

Picture of Pedro Antunes CFO at 3D-Sea

Pedro Antunes

Naval Architect

Financial Manager