Gabriel Marreiros joins 3D-Sea

Today we celebrate one month since our newest colleague joined the 3D-Sea’s team.

Gabriel Marreiros finished his master degree in naval architecture and ocean engineering in 2022 at Instituto Superior Técnico.

He stands out for being methodical and hardworking, but when not working you may find him hiking and cycling through Portugal.

Welcome Gabriel and best wishes for the years to come!

Pedro Almeida joins 3D-Sea

Welcome to Pedro Almeida, who has joined the 3D-Sea’s team starting from the 2nd of November.

He has a Master’s degree in Marine Engineering with specialization in thermodynamics and internal combustion engines. He wrote a thesis regarding an energy assessment and new propulsion systems for LNG tankers.

After 3 years working on-board of merchant vessels as an Engine Officer, he dedicated his time in procurement and supply of maritime components for vessels in drydock. Since 2019 he’s active in the Escola Superior Nautica Infante D.Henrique as associate professor in the disciplines of Marine Plant Operations, Propulsion and auxiliary systems as well as giving lectures in thermodynamics and fluid mechanics related classes.

Due to his experience in maritime systems, Pedro will cover the role of Project Engineer to follow in detail the development of outfitting and systems in the incoming projects.

Welcome Pedro to our team!

A new Marine Design and Engineering company is born!

There is no better place to mark the beginning of 3D-Sea’s activities than SMM-Hamburg, surrounded by all the leading players in the maritime industry, in which 3D-Sea wants to play its part.

3D-Sea is a marine engineering company specialized in the design, construction, installation, operation, maintenance and repair of the main propulsion engines, auxiliary machinery and systems found in all kinds of ships, boats and offshore installations.

3D-Sea is born from the vision and joint effort of the three founders, (in the photo) Pedro Antunes, Federico Sisci and Luís Batista.